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Feb 14, 2015
  From time to time, when discussing the Berkeley Science Network (BSN) the idea of “program benefits” comes up.  What’s to gain from joining?  Admittedly, the idea of program benefits is a bit... read more »
Jul 12, 2013
In my last entry, I talked a lot about the process of choosing the problems to work on and the path to and through a PhD.  In this, I close out that discussion with two topics: your dissertation and... read more »
Jun 12, 2013
For my first (two-part) blog post, i'm going to discuss my own path through graduate school and try to generalize the experience where I can in order to give general advice that can help students... read more »
Apr 23, 2013
  Courtsey of the American Mathimatical Society; For those that are on the cusp of Phinishing and have had the fortune of receiving an offer from an academic institution, congratulations! If you have... read more »