Summer Rising 2016

Application Instructions:

Thank you for your interest in the Summer Rising Program at UC Berkeley. Summer Rising is a program for students about to enter their sophomore year that will take place during Session D of 2016 (July 5 - August 12). Summer Rising is designed to expose you to academic concepts that will prepare you for your studies in mathematics and science beyond the usual Mathematics 1A/B gateway to the upper division.

During Summer Rising, you will live on campus for six weeks and participate in a rigorous academic program to ensure your successful transition from year one to year two as a student intending to major in the mathematical or physical sciences.  Participating in this program will give you a significant advantage going into fall semester:

  • Get a jump start on sophomore math and science classes
  • Address any particular areas of difficulty you may have encountered in mathematics or other physical science gateway courses during 2015-2016
  • Better understand faculty expectations
  • Strengthen the relationships you’ve built with other students during your first year, and meet other students who are also interested in the mathematical and physical sciences majors
  • Take advantage of living on campus while taking a summer course and preparing for your sophomore year
  • Build a supportive network of faculty, staff, graduate students and peers that can extend throughout your time at Cal

The Summer Rising program will cover your living expenses and will also pay you a stipend during the eight-week summer session.


  • Must be a student in good standing at UC Berkeley student at the time of the application. 
  • Must have an intended major of one of the following: Astronomy, Physics, Mathematics/Statistics, Computer Science, Chemistry, or Chemical Engineering.
  • Rising sophomore status to be eligible to apply for the program. 
  • Candidates must complete a 2016 FAFSA Form (OR if Dreamer State Financial Aid) by the end of March. 

Please thoughtfully answer the questions below. Questions can be sent to Associate Director Ira Young via phone at 510 642-5777 or via e-mail at berkeleyscienceconnections [at]