The purpose of the BSN is to create a comprehensive network (both online and interpersonal), which strives to advance under represented students in the mathematical, physical sciences, and computer sciences and eliminate barriers faced by those students.

BSN is a unique community of scientists, which will provide:

  1. A social network for mentors and mentees.
  2. Networking across disciplines, generations, and professions.
  3. Coaching and guidance for professional development.
  4. Access to distinguished industry leaders nationwide.
  5. A research-based understanding of how to constructively address challenges of underrepresentation in these fields.

To further its goals the BSN aims to maintain a vibrant network of scientists at Berkeley whose connection is sustained throughout their academic and professional careers.  The BSN will serve as a pipeline of URM students ranging from high school students to undergraduate, graduates, post doc and faculty within the physical sciences.

One of the primary functions of the BSN-BSC Program is to act as a clearinghouse for information. Here are some links to help you prepare and strengthen your application to Berkeley's graduate programs:

A note about diversity:  Diversity is often equated with affirmative action and other points of view rooted in social justice. Yet, the research in diversity shows that groups with more diversity perform better than other more uniformed groups. Companies with a diverse employee base tend to produce better financially. Overall, there are many strands of research showing unequivocally why diversity matters. That is the true Strength of Diversity: we are better when many points of views are included in our day to day lives.