National Academy of Engineering Scholarship/Fellowship Opportunity worth $25K!

Mar 31, 2014
National Academy of Engineering--Engineering for YOU Video Contest (with first prize up to $25k). Entry deadline: March 31, 2014!
Engineering creations serve the welfare of humanity and the needs of society. In the last 50 years, its achievements include helping to land astronauts on the moon, creating the Internet, and decoding the human genome. What will engineering create in the next 50 years? Rev up your creativity, pull out your camera or phone, and produce a video showing the world how you see engineering enhancing quality of life and serving the needs of society.
The competition is open to all individuals or teams in the following six competition categories:
  • Middle School students and younger (grades K-8)
  • High School students (grades 9-12)
  • College students (undergraduate through graduate school, full or part time)
The “Best Video Overall” will be awarded $25,000. There’s a “People’s Choice Award” of $5,000 and the top videos in each competition category are eligible for a prize of up to $5,000.
What are judges looking for?
(1) Creativity in the content selection & presentation; (2) Anticipated breadth of public appeal & interest; (3) Effectiveness in highlighting engineering contributions serving human welfare & the needs of society.