Student Learning Center for Tutoring and Study Sessions

Anticipate a challenging class? Check out the Student Learning Center before the semester starts so you know the time line to enroll in an adjunct class, set up tutoring or join a study group. Check with the department offering the class for a list of tutors. Did you know Econ offers special tutor sessions?

Attending Fall Orientations for Potential STEM Majors

Now is an important time to consider program planning/updating for the coming year and beyond. You are encouraged to talk with the department undergraduate  advisors for potential majors  or as a declared major. Check the welcome guide for major orientations usually offered in early fall. It is an excellent opportunity to meet both students and faculty in your chosen field.

Why Attending Instructor and GSI Office Hours are Important to You

Are you just entering Cal as a first year or transfer?  Please be sure to start attending office hours. This is an important investment in more ways than one. Sure it can help to improve your understanding of what professors and graduate student instructors (GSI's) expect of you in classes, labs and sections.
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